Let Your Aches and Pains Melt Away with Massage Therapy.

Therapeutic Massage

55 min. $55, 90 min. $90. This massage is designed to improve circulation and range of motion, relieving muscle tension and stress.


Aromatherapy Massage

55 min. $65, 75 min. $85     A gentle, nurturing massage using high quality essential oils and massage techniques chosen to meet your individual needs.  Choose an aromatherapy oil from one of our blends, or ask our therapists for a recommendation.


Deep Tissue Massage

60 min. $85     A specialized massage technique that targets deep into the muscles to alleviate the pain of tense and sore muscles.  Helps to restore proper muscle function.


Reflexology Foot Massage

30 min. $45     Pressure points in the feet that affect the entire body are targeted for complete balance and relaxation.


River Rock Massage 

60 min. $85     This treatment uses hot polished rocks on various parts of the body. The penetrating heat from the rocks assist in relaxing and rejuvenating tired and sore muscles.

Prenatal Massage

70 min. $85    Specially designed to ease the stresses of child bearing. This massage uses techniques to reduce edema, backaches, and exhaustion through all stages of the pregnancy.


Couple Massages

55 min. $110     This massage is done simultaneously in the same room with your partner.


Massage Add-Ons


Aromatherapy $10.00


Hot Stones $30.00


Cold Stone Migraine Massage $20.00


Foot Scrub with Hot Towels $15.00


Hand Scrub with Hot Towels $15.00


Aromatherapy Scalp Massage with Peppermint or Eucalyptus $15.00